How to Capture Video From Your Screen in Windows 10

How to Capture Video From Your Screen in Windows 10 featured

Do you want to be able to capture video from your screen in Windows 10? Regardless of whether you want to create your own video tutorials, record Skype calls, save online streaming videos, or record webinars – the good news is that it is possible to do all that and more with the right software.

The easiest way to get started with Windows 10 video capture is by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It is engineered so that you can use it to capture video from your screen with minimal hassle and in fact the only steps you need to take are:

Autoplay The Next Video Is Coming to YouTube On Android, Here’s How to Turn It Off

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Google is rolling out a new version of YouTube for Android that adds a feature that many people are finding annoying, and potentially expensive.

The latest update adds a feature to autoplay the next related video when you’ve finished watching the current one. 

Brits are Worried about Contactless Card Security following ITV fraud report‏

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Last night ITV’s report on “Fraud: How safe is your money?” exposed just how easy it is to fall victim to digital pickpockets, who steal people’s bank details via the chip found on their contactless cards.

Contactless fraud or ‘skimming’ has risen 18-fold in the last year and is becoming so sophisticated that it can be done via a phone app. Examples on the show included Shaz Nawaz who had £10,000 stolen from his bank account in 2013 and despite appealing to his bank, the Banking Ombudsman and the Police, he never got his money back – nor the crime investigated.

Protect Your Profile! Expert Tips to Prevent Social Media Hacking

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According to a new survey from The University of Phoenix, two in three (64%) U.S. adults with social media accounts have been hacked and nearly half (42%) don’t feel secure.

While social media sites can lead users to believe their information and data are secure through a few self-selected security settings, this often isn’t enough to stay protected. Today’s cyber security criminals can often get around basic passwords and uncover personal information, often leading to identity theft.

NEW iPhone SE available to pre-order at Vodafone UK

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Customers who pre-order the iPhone SE 16GB or 64GB on a Vodafone Red 2GB Bundle for £34 per month (£9 upfront cost) or £40 per month (£9 upfront cost) respectively, will enjoy unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 2GB of data.

Alternatively, customers can pre-order either memory variant on a Vodafone Red Value 4GB Bundle, at £44 per month for the iPhone SE 16GB or £49 per month for the iPhone SE 64GB. Again, both have a £9 upfront cost and include unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 4GB of data, as well as a choice of free access to Netflix (available until 31 March 2016), Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for 6 months.

Best eReaders Available In UK In 2016

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In last few years, the choice for e-readers have not much increased, as Amazon only has tried to release some new models in the last year. Again, this does not mean that the era of e-books is going to end. It’s only suggest that the number of people opting for Smartphones and tablets to read books has increased.

Let me tell you that there are some good reasons why you should opt for a dedicated e-reader. First of all, they are cheaper compared to iPad and are simply easy to handle. You can find good deals on e-readers using Argos voucher code. Moreover, when we compare an e-reader with a book, it is lighter and can store hundreds of books in it, all at the same time. This means if you are on a vacation for more than two weeks, you just need to carry an e-reader with you.

Prodigio – the first connected Nespresso machine

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Tech geeks and coffee lovers can now combine their passion as Nespresso introduces its first ever smartphone connected coffee machine.

The new Prodigio machine enables users to prepare coffee remotely, be alerted when they are running low on their favourite Grands Crus and receive notifications to empty the capsule container or top up the water tank.

Four tactics to a successful payments strategy in 2016

POS Trends for Retailers

In 2014, 57% of retailers worldwide experienced major growth in mcommerce sales, and 79% in 2015. However, due to the inherent limitations of mobile devices and lengthy and complicated check out processes, often enough customers desist and abandon their basket. These poor mobile user experiences amounted up to £6bn in lost revenue by UK retailers and financial services in 2013.

Shoppers now expect to buy in the easiest and most convenient way possible – especially when it comes to payment. Speaking ahead of Internet Retailing Conference last autumn, Jack Smith, group digital director at New Look, set out how the fashion retailer had slimmed down its checkout in order to make it easier for visitors to part with their cash.

The latest apps to help you out in day to day life


Whatever we’re doing with our day, it seems it’s rare for an hour to pass where we haven’t taken our smartphones out of our bag or pocket and use them to complete a simple task. Whether it’s texting a friend, taking a photo or even searching for the cinema listings, it seems there is very little you can’t do on your phone.

But here are a few apps that you might not have thought about downloading to really enhance your smartphone.

10 Steps To Building a Mobile App

10 steps building mobile app

If you’ve got the next Candy Crush parked in your brain, you need a road map to make it come to life.  The first step in all app development starts in the garage—or in your case the app store.  So before you begin anything, set up your accounts at Google Play and the iOS store.  Then you can merge onto the highway of development.

Identify What Problem Your App Will Solve

The most important thing you need to remember when developing an app is that it has to solve a problem. It has to simplify users’ lives; otherwise, it won’t get downloaded, and you will have wasted quite a bit of cash.

Vaping – Review Of VapeSuperstore

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If you reside in the UK and seek an online retailer of e cigarettes and e liquids, then you might wish to browse:

They have starter kits in stock for the first time vapers through to advance kits and liquids for the more experienced vapers as well as stocking kits and liquids designed for the female market. Here is a brief review of the site but first of all, let’s look at what you get from vaping.

Three Online Project Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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Three Online Project Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

The success of every project depends on how well it has been organized and executed in the initial phases. Any project with ill management and organizational skills is highly unlikely going to be appreciated or even recognized; in fact it will most likely be deemed as a waste of time and resource.

Small businesses where only a handful of people are running the show especially require strong project management skills and tools. And with globalization at its peak, fast and effective communication is very important especially with the increased number of people working from home. This is where online project management tools are found to be most effective. Here are the three best online management tools you will find in the market today.