Five Big Trends In Ediscovery Across Europe In 2015


Kroll Ontrack, the leading global provider of ediscovery technologies and services to companies involved in litigation and investigations, today released its predictions for five big trends in ediscovery across Europe in 2015 based on the increasing risks in cyber security.

The hacking scandals of 2014, which reached a pinnacle with the recent Sony incident, have demonstrated the very real risks to businesses and corporate information meaning that effective corporate governance will be paramount to the success of organisations in 2015.

The Rise Of Mobile Revision Apps

PasTest - The Rise Of Mobile Revision Apps

One thing you can say about the world we live in today is everything is getting easier to access and everything wants to be with you all of the time. Retailers, social networks, games, your bank, your email and more all want to be a part of your mobile platform. So it should surprise no one that we are currently in the Renaissance of the rise of mobile revision apps.

They are only getting better and they are only getting faster and they are only growing in number. If you have not noticed the rise of mobile revision apps you haven’t been paying very close attention.

Top Mobile Apps to Watch in 2015

Top Mobile Apps to Watch in 2015 - Shuv - Featured

These days, whether you need an app for sewing, organization, health tracking, gaming or just about anything else, chances are pretty good that you’ll find it.

With hundreds of thousands of apps for mobile devices currently available and hundreds more going live each day, there is a lot to choose from to add to your personal collection of apps.

Here are four apps that are useful, fun, purposeful, unique and already wildly popular for 2015 that you might consider adding to your download queue:

Unified Communication in 2015

Unified Communication in 2015 - Featured

Unified communication is a well-defined approach to combine various forms of digital communications to promote collaboration. The convergence of voice, video, chat, file transfer, and other types of communications improves productivity, enticing CIOs to embrace new unified communication strategies with the aid of vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM or by partnering with third parties such as MeetingZone.

The demand for collaboration continues to grow and according to TechNavio analysts, unified communication in 2015 will continue to grow at a CAGR of 14.08 percent right through 2019. What’s driving this growth is increased adoption of cloud computing resources and improvements in the telecom and cellular infrastructure. Here are just some of the trends that will shape unified communication in 2015.

Budget Restraints? Try Conference Calling

conference now logo

Depending on each situation companies may be looking for different ways to save money with their financial budgets. The economic downturn, smaller companies with a limited budget or a larger organization wanting to cut costs may be the reason for finding new ways to save.  Budget smart conference calls can help reduce costs while still connecting with valuable clients.


Every good business owner knows communication is an essential component in business.  Quality and convenient communication is needed between existing clients, new clients, suppliers and other businesses.  Communication can come in numerous forms from cell phones to Internet usage.