Why Internet Start-ups Are Failing

Fibre Internet Speeds Increase Productivity

Are there mornings when you’ve dragged yourself out of bed, showered, had breakfast, jumped into the car and crawled your way to work held up by lines of vehicles or stood in an overcrowded railway carriage with hundreds of other sour-faced commuters? Don’t you ever think about chucking it all in and starting an internet business working from home?

Simply consult the TV or any technology news site and you can find countless stories about how people straight out of college or who have been in mundane jobs all their lives make their fortunes by developing a new computer game or an app for mobile devices.

LG G Flex 2 Is Now Available At Vodafone UK


The new LG G Flex 2 is now available at Vodafone UK, with its 5.5-inch full HD display for immersive viewing, Self Healing Technology and Android 5.0 Lollipop, the G Flex 2 offers a unique smartphone experience.

The curved 5.5-inch, 1080p full HD display delivers an immersive and life-like viewing experience, minimising glare and reflections so you can enjoy more of your favourite entertainment.

Customers who buy the device on a RED 4G plan will receive a LG G Watch R at no additional cost (whilst stock lasts). Prices start from £39.50 per month (£19 upfront cost) on a Vodafone Red 4G contract Price Plan, giving customers a choice of free access to Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass as part of Vodafone’s Ultimate Entertainment Package.

With its unique curved body, the G Flex 2′s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and brings the microphone closer to your mouth for a clearer sound. And thanks to its plastic OLED display, it’s been designed to flex and bend – making it a robust, durable phone.

>> Buy the LG G Flex 2 from Vodafone Online Shop

Wrike: Your Number One Port-of-Call for Project Management Software

If you are currently scouting the market for project management apps then let me introduce you to Wrike, an intuitive and pioneering software that  helps us organize our work so we can get things done more quickly and collaborate with our project teams more efficiently.

The main feature that strikes me in Wrike is that you can sync and manage almost any type of work , whether you’re using Google Drive to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets, or tracking updates and holding discussions through email Wrike gives you the ability to bring all of these various parts together under one roof, allowing you to manage and track the communication that revolves around your projects.

GiffGaff Confirm Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC M9 Coming

giffgaff logo

GiffGaff have confirmed the recently announced handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the HTC M9 will be coming to their network, both running the latest version of Android - 5.0 (Lollipop).

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will come unlocked, and ready to plug and play with a giffgaff PAYG SIM, benefitting from 3G and 4G ‘goodybags’ – ranging from £5 up to £18.  For £18, members get 1,000 UK minutes, unlimited texts, 5 GB of data and free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts.

How Computing And The Internet Opened Up The World Of Investments To The Public

Fibre Internet Speeds Increase Productivity

The internet is one of those once in a lifetime inventions affecting everyone to a greater or lesser degree. Over the past 20 years, it has had such a fundamental impact that even those who have never used it will nevertheless have had their lives altered by the mere fact of its existence. Whether it’s the manner in which their family doctor keeps their medical records, how they book their holidays, the way salaries are paid into their bank accounts, how they communicate, listen to music or watch movies, the internet has changed everything.

In the world of commerce the internet has made it possible for even the smallest, one person enterprise to create a global presence, complete with online transaction processing, within a matter of hours, thanks to off the shelf websites that can be customised to suit virtually any type of business. No matter whether the purchaser uses yen, rupees, euros or yuans, banks can transfer it into the supplier’s local currency instantly.