SIP Trunking: Here’s what it means for your Business

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It’s fairly safe to say that technology has brought us well and truly into the digital age when it comes to how businesses are operated and managed.

You only need to look around at the infrastructures in place, from cloud based servers to multiple device syncing apps. Everywhere we go, technology is with us in one shape or another.

Android OS: How Is Google’s Operating System Faring These Days?

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Since Google acquired Android Inc. in August 2005 the company has made every effort to make the operating system the technology of choice for mobile devices. Marketed as the alternative to Apple’s iOS and as a system that is both flexible and upgradeable – a must-have for mobile device manufacturers – Android devices now account for nearly two-thirds of smartphones sold every year and is now has the largest installed base of any operating system, far more than even Microsoft’s Windows platform. What new developments has there been in the Android world recently? Is the system performing as best it can?

5 Benefits of VoIP

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) continues to increase its popularity as an alternative option to the traditional phone system.

Otherwise known as the internet phone or the broadband phone, here are five ways a VoIP system can benefit your business:

Long Distance Savings

One of the most attractive features of VoIP is the money saving potential it has.  Long distance phone calls can be costly, especially when they add up through the month.  But whilst they are processed across conventional commercial telecommunications lines, VoIP travels through the internet over private data network lines.  This allows VoIP providers to charge significantly cheaper prices than your current traditional phone system suppliers.

Does My Business Need IT Support?

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As a business, it’s only natural to be looking at all the ways to maximise business productivity and provide the best possible service for customers.

With technology now playing a big part in day to day business operations, whether it’s a simple process or something more complex, it’s important to have the right knowledge or the right people in place to can set-up and manage the IT aspects of your business, so that in a situation where there’s a problem, these eventualities can be dealt with quickly and effectively in order to minimise the effect it has on the business and the end user.

Major Advantages and Characteristics of Android 5.1 System

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The recent launching of android 5.1 has taken the world by a huge storm. Very few devices have it and those who have been lucky enough to give it a try know too well how great an operating system it is. It comes with lots of amazing features and one is bound to love it right from the word go.

If you have a soft spot for Android OS, you will definitely love this one and there is no doubt about it. Lots of enhancements and improvements have been made making it better and more thrilling. The following are just, but some of the amazing features you ought to expect in this newer version of android.