Submit Your Future Internet Business Idea For European Comission Grant Funding And Mentoring

FIWARE featured
The European Commission (EC) has launched the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, and is looking for start-ups and entrepreneurs in high-tech sectors to submit their innovative idea for a startup or App that will make a disruptive impact on the market.

They are looking for ideas that make use of FIWARE technologies in key sectors such as Smart Cities, eHealth, transports, energy & environment, AgriFood, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics, and Social & Learning. Successful ideas will receive an investment in the form of a share of the 80 million euros of grant money available, mentoring, coaching and where appropriate networking and introductions to other businesses.

The Rise Of The Online Casino Industry

the rise of the online casino industry

Next time you’re tuning into your favourite sports game, take a minute to observe the advertisements that are cropping up in front of you. After the hordes of payment protection insurance paybacks and ambulance chasers, you’ll probably be offered to opportunity to take a bet on the end result – for example, the next goalscorer.

The booming voice declaring the most up-to-date odds will probably point you in the direction of your smartphone to the latest app. There’s no getting away from it – online gambling is fast becoming the weapon of choice when it comes to making a cheeky bet, and punters are turning away from their land-based counterparts. Economists have predicted that by 2015 the online gambling industry will be worth $182.8 billion worldwide – but what is it that makes it so popular? There are many factors, from accessibility to changing market trends.

5 Mobile Apps for the Best Outdoor Adventures

5 apps for the best outdoor activities - geocaching featured

The UK is not exactly known for sunny weather, but there is still an adventure waiting in the great outdoors.

Usually we’d tell you to leave the tech at home and go outside, but in this case we’ve found five mobile apps that could improve your outdoor time and add some fun and information to your activities at the same time.

Water Water Everywhere

This app aims to get you off bottled water and onto public drinking water fountains.  It shows locations around the UK where you can find tap water, fountains, cafes and fast food outlets where you can fill up your bottle for free.  You can also populate the map with fountains that haven’t been listed yet.

Review: Mobile Landlord App by Direct Line Insurance Group

mobile landlord app by directline featured

Today I wanted to draw you attention towards an app that I have been meaning to review for some time. The app is called Mobile Landlord and has been created by the Direct Line Insurance Group.

You can grab the app on both iTunes and Google Play, and it’s completely free to download on both operating systems (for the purpose of this review I am using Google Play).

If you are a Landlord then this tool is a must-have, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the property scene or whether you are a veteran, the Mobile Landlord app will help organise and better manage your properties for you so you can spend time on other things.

How (and Why) to Keep your Mobile Phone Clean

mobile phone cleaning

Your phone is filthy. That isn’t an indictment against you. It’s inevitable.

Your phone spends a good part of its working life in your hands and near your mouth. Hardly the best places to be if you want it to stop re-infecting you with the flu every 3 weeks – after all, the NHS advises us to every so often disinfect any surface we touch regularly to avoid illness.

Palringo online community raises more than $230,000 for charity

ios palringo screenshot

It’s always nice when the tech or gaming community give back, and so I thought I’d mention a news piece I saw today concerning the Palringo online community raising more than $230,000 for charity.

Palringo was founded as a group messaging application and has quickly evolved into a community gaming platform, generating the majority of its revenue from in-app purchases of virtual goods and games.

Fireman Sam FIRE & RESCUE App Launches On Android

fireman sam app for android

HIT Entertainment has announced that the popular app Fireman Sam: Fire & Rescue is now available for Android smart phone and tablet users and can be downloaded from the Amazon, Google Play, Samsung and Nook App Stores.

Fireman Sam is back with a brand new adventure – Fire & Rescue. Young players can join Fireman Sam and the rest of the Pontypandy Fire Crew as they take on heroic rescues, action-packed emergencies and important training. The app also has a special reward sticker book where fans can collect stickers during game-play and a video player to unlock video clips.

VODAFONE UK: Summer Savings Promotion

vodafone logo

Vodafone’s Summer Savings Promotion has started, meaning you can pick up some great deals on a huge range of both Pay monthly and Pay as you go handsets.

Save up to 20% on some fantastic Pay monthly contract smartphones, tablets and SIM only price plans, including:

· Nokia Lumia 635 (black) – WAS £18.50 PAYM, NOW £14.50 PAYM
· Sony Xperia M2 (black or white) – WAS £18.50 PAYM, NOW £14.50 PAYM
· 30 day 3G SIM only (including unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB data) – WAS £23 PAYM, NOW £19.20 PAYM

POS Trends for Retailers

POS Trends for Retailers

POS (or point-of-sale) systems have always been popular with retailers. They are a simple and easy way to process sales, track inventory, estimate taxes and calculate payroll. However, as technology changes, the POS systems have also evolved to incorporate these changes.

As a result, the traditional ka-ching (or countertop-based POS systems) are slowly being phased out. Newer technology – and better processing systems – means that retailers now have a huge range of products to choose from for their stores. Here are a few of the top POS trends on the marketplace.

Windows Server backup software for MS SQL Server and Exchange Server

Windows Server backup software for MS SQL Server and Exchange Server Featured Logo

Do you own a small and medium business and always wanted to get your hands on a good backup software? Then look no further than EaseUs Todo Backup Server which can backup server as well as to perform sql server backup among many other things.

With the backup software, there are so many benefits you can gain from it. With system backup, it gives you full system protection that allows for easy back up and to recover the entire operating system when disaster happens. With disk imaging, you can now block-level disk imaging quickly and it efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes. File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files according to what you want to backup. As for hot backup, it can back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup.