POS Trends for Retailers

POS Trends for Retailers

POS (or point-of-sale) systems have always been popular with retailers. They are a simple and easy way to process sales, track inventory, estimate taxes and calculate payroll. However, as technology changes, the POS systems have also evolved to incorporate these changes.

As a result, the traditional ka-ching (or countertop-based POS systems) are slowly being phased out. Newer technology – and better processing systems – means that retailers now have a huge range of products to choose from for their stores. Here are a few of the top POS trends on the marketplace.

Windows Server backup software for MS SQL Server and Exchange Server

Windows Server backup software for MS SQL Server and Exchange Server Featured Logo

Do you own a small and medium business and always wanted to get your hands on a good backup software? Then look no further than EaseUs Todo Backup Server which can backup server as well as to perform sql server backup among many other things.

With the backup software, there are so many benefits you can gain from it. With system backup, it gives you full system protection that allows for easy back up and to recover the entire operating system when disaster happens. With disk imaging, you can now block-level disk imaging quickly and it efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes. File-level backup allows you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files according to what you want to backup. As for hot backup, it can back up specific files and volumes without interrupting any current operations, especially for open files backup.

Vape Club Site Review

Vape Club Online Shop Front

I recently took a look at Vape Club, the authoritative online stockist of e-cigarettes, e-liquid and vaping supplies in the UK. Representing a fleet of e-cigarette brands ranging from Suicide Bunny to Vampire Vapes, Vape Club is the one-stop shop for e-cigarette smokers looking to source quality accessories, refills, products and information on the emergent – and now thoroughly established – e-cigarette market.

It seems that the vaping craze isn’t turning out to be the short-lived fad that I first thought it was going to be when products of this nature first arrived on the scene, rather, it’s fast becoming a medically endorsed, highly preferable alternative to tobacco smoking that seems to be doing wonders for those, such as myself, who have struggled to kick the habit for a number of years:

Lord of Darkness 2 – Quality Graphics and Old-School Side-Scrolling Beat Em Up Action in One App


For those looking for a thrilling gaming experience, Lord of Darkness 2 app can definitely offer them extraordinary opportunities and quality graphics to enjoy whilst leveling up. While its name might be a little cliched, this game application is still a good choice for those who like battling hard and doing the impossible to survive. With battling as the only strategy that can help players level up, Lord of Darkness 2 delivers ferocious challenges that require them to acquire experience, new sets of skills and proper equipment. Read on to find out more about this popular arcade game application.


How the digital age has changed the way we communicate forever

Think back 20 years: if you wanted to go out with your mates, you would call them on their home phone, perhaps off a BT telephone box, and go and talk to each other in a pub. Today, you might spend the evening chatting to them over social media on your smartphone without spending a penny.

How the digital age has changed the way we communicate forever

Staying in has become the new going out, and with factors like the economic crisis keeping us indoors while the rise in technology keeps us connected 24 hours a day ,there’s no need to ever feel isolated again.

Review: FiFa World Cup For Xbox 360

FiFa World Cup For Xbox 360

With arguably the greatest sporting event in the world just weeks away, Betfair have kindly sent Tech on the Go a copy of Electronic Art’s new FIFA videogame to review.

The World Cup is upon us again and this time, it will be hosted by arguably the most well known international football team, Brazil.

Even if Brazil are not the powerhouse they once were with Ronaldo and other football legends, they are still favorites to win the tournament.

VidOn Player – A Complete Solution for Video Files

VidOn Player logo A Complete Solution for Video Files

Video files are one of the key features of the Internet 2.0 age. Before broadband connections, video was extremely cumbersome and problematic, but now, services like YouTube are essential in everyday use and almost every kind of user.

Mobile devices are currently going through a similar phase, and are evolving to provide a truly multimedia experience. This experience obviously has to involve video files, and VidOn is right in the center of this evolutionary process.

A Guide On How To Become PCI Compliant

A Guide On How To Become PCI Compliant - featured

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, ensures any company that stores, processes or transmits credit card information – whether for its own customers or on behalf of another company – holds said information entirely securely.

If your company processes or stores credit card information, you will require this certification in order to lawfully trade.

Compliance levels are determined according to a merchant level, which is based on transaction volumes across a year-long period. These levels are defined by Visa:

How VoIP lines can save firms cold, hard cash


Companies are always looking for ways to save money. Organisations that are able to make efficiencies are more likely to survive than their more spendthrift rivals.

Given the importance of communication in the world of business, it’s no surprise that many bosses are seeking ways to cut the costs of their telephone calls. While each individual call may not seem like much, these conversations can quickly add up, particularly when organisations have to make long-distance and international calls on a regular basis.

Filofax Releases New eAccessories Range

flex notes and more logo _white_ grey _amp_ cream on black_ copy

For many, paper based notes and diaries are still the only way to stay on top of their daily lives, and Filofax has always been the name for paper organisers.

But with the massive rise in tablets and electronic PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) Filofax have had to adapt their product range to appeal to this new way of managing your life.

And their new range of eAccessories does exactly this, combining new protective device cases along with quick and easy note taking capabilities.