Mobile Check-in Use Rising As Travellers Try To Avoid Airline Fines

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Travel search engine, KAYAK commissioned a Mobile Travel Report using OnePoll to survey 1,000 travellers who make more than two return flights a year.

The findings show that difficulties and negative experiences with traditional printed check in methods has caused a move towards smart check in options as up to 42 per cent have been slapped with airlines fines following issues with their traditional printed check in documents.

The most common issue which affected 14 per cent of travellers was losing a boarding pass at the airport. This is closely followed by 12 per cent of people who forgot to print their boarding passes altogether, and the 11 per cent of people who didn’t have the opportunity or means to do so. For 6 per cent of people, the print quality of their self-printed boarding pass hindered their journey.

Online Gaming is Rising High: Why?

Online Gaming is Rising High Featured

It’s hard not to know anyone who doesn’t indulge in a little online gaming nowadays. Every member of the family, be it little Johnny blasting his enemies on Mafia Wars, little Suzie tending to her crops on FarmVille, Mum and Grandma enjoying a spot of bingo, or Dad and Grandad having a slick game of poker, is enjoying online games, and for good reason.

Technological advancements, societal changes and a huge diversity in games have all helped along online gaming to the state it is today, with online casino gaming one of the biggest beneficiaries of the growth.

The Best Free Partition Manager Software

EaseUs The Best Free Partition Manager Software - Featured

Don’t you wish for a free partition manager and disk management utility that allows you to extend your partition? Or a software that can be used to repartition the system drive, overcome the low disk space problem and manage disk space easily on any MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk?

Not to worry as there’s a partition manager called EaseUS Partition Master Free that is currently being used by more than 20 million users all over the world and comes highly recommended from the software industry as a whole. It’s an absolutely free and with the easy-to-use wizard that allows implementation of professional and reliable disk management.

The Average Smartphone User Checks Their Phone 221 Times A Day


A study of 2,000 smartphone owners by Tecmark revealed that we may rely on our mobile devices far more than anyone previously thought. The data shows that Brits carry out a staggering 221 tasks every day using their mobile phone, first reaching for our phones at 7:31am to check our emails and then moving on to Facebook and checking the weather and the recent news updates.

Many Brits have confessed to finding themselves using their phone without realising they are doing so, with two thirds saying they have managed to log in and browse Facebook without thinking.

An Idiot’s Guide To Cloud Computing

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With the rapid pace in which technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we use our computers, it’s easy to find yourself bewildered by all the technical jargon and latest industry developments, especially for all you technophobes out there.

Cloud computing is a phrase that you’ve probably already heard of, and even if you haven’t, it’s likely that you have used the cloud at some point without even realising. It’s true that more and more people are turning to the cloud as an effective way of storing and managing their computing activities, but like many others, you may find yourself asking: what exactly is the ‘cloud’?