Vodafone Easter Sale On Nokia And Sony Handsets

vodafone logo

Vodafone are having a big Easter Sale on selected handsets, discounted from now until the 21st April. You can pick up big savings of up to 25% on both PAYG and contract handsets on selected Nokia and Sony phones.

Discounted devices include the following:

  1. Nokia Lumia 520 - WAS £80 PAYG, NOW £60 PAYG
  2. Sony Xperia L – WAS £120 PAYG or £17 PAYM, NOW £90 PAYG or £13 PAYM (for 24 months)
  3. Nokia Lumia 625 – WAS £21 PAYM, NOW £17 PAYM (for 24 months)
  4. Sony Xperia SP – WAS £21 PAYM, NOW £17 PAYM (for 24 months)

Also one of Vodafone’s most popular SIM only deals is available again – the 12-month Red SIM-only plan with unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 1GB of data can be picked up for just £16.80 month.

Source: Vodafone Blog

Vodafone Smart 4 mini Available Now For £50

Vodafone Smart 4 mini

The latest addition to the Vodafone Smart range has landed, raising the bar for budget Android handsets combining great performance with an amazing price.

For just £50 on PAYG the Smart 4 mini outperforms its predecessors with a highly responsive 4” capacitive touch screen, dual core 1.3Ghz processor supported by 512Mb of RAM, and the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.2.2). 

Are E-Cigarettes The Future of Smoking?

Are E-Cigarettes The Future of Smoking - Featured

July 1st 2007 was a date that most smokers around England remember well. It was the date that the smoking ban was enforced, whereby you could not smoke in pubs, clubs, and in any indoor or enclosed work places.

For long-term smokers, this was a major time. With designated smoking shelters being constructed outdoors, it was great for the summer periods but awful in the Winter. Let’s face it, living in the UK, we don’t really see the best weather in Summertime.

Review: Kingston DataTraveler microDuo – A Dual Interface USB Memory Stick

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo - featured

Kingston is a recognised name in memory products, so I’m always interested when they release a new product, particularly one that is different from traditional ones.

The DataTraveler microDuo is exactly that, a traditional USB memory stick, but one that supports both a regular USB connection and a microUSB connector typically found on Android smartphones and tablets.

Deal Alert: Amazon Kindle Original Discount

amazon kindle original

Amazon have a sale on the original e-ink Amazon Kindle, giving a £10 discount dropping the device from £69 to just £59.

For many the original Amazon Kindle is still the best eBook reader on the market, forgoing all the distractions of it’s more feature rich bog brothers, the Kindle Fire HDX (from £199), and Kindle Fire HD (from £119), to give the best reading experience and stellar battery life.

Capable of holding up to 1400 books and  weighing less than 170grams the Kindle is a great birthday gift, or something to treat yourself before the summer holidays and save on your baggage allowance with heavy paperback books.

>> Buy the Original Kindle from Amazon UK here

Garmin’s NEW Essential Series Offers Simpler And More Affordable Sat Nav Units

garmin essentials nuvi 55

Garmin’s NEW Essential Series offers a range of larger, simpler and more affordable sat navs with only the features you really need to get from A to B.

You can choose whether you want a device with free map updates and either a 5 inch screen (the nüvi 55 and 56 range) or an extra-large 6 inch screen (the nüvi 65 and 66 range) – perfect for first time drivers or those driving larger vehicles or those who have not used a sat nav before.

eBay Introduces Collections – A Way To Group Your Favourite Products Together

ebay new collections featured

eBay has introduced its new Collections feature, a way of grouping together sets or themes of items that you love or want to share with friends.

Being a frequent eBay user, I thought I’d give the new feature a go, and create a range of collections of my own.

What use are Collections?

Collections, as already mentioned, are simply groups of things you love on eBay. You put them together, comment on them, and share them with your friends and the eBay community. You can put together a Collection to plan your new kitchen, accessorise your wardrobe, or simply group all your favourite gadgets together.

You can then open that Collection up so others can take a look, comment on the things you’ve added, and maybe even start a discussion on why you’ve picked one particular thing ahead of another.

My Collections

I put together a range of collections on my eBay page, from toys to speakers to funky USB gadgets! My favourite collection is of things for our impending new baby, and I found a great range of gadgets that will help us look after, entertain and keep our new baby girl safe.

Of course the tech obsessive inside me had to put together a collection of personal fitness tracking electronics, something that will become more important as I have less time to exercise and need to make sure I stay healthy. Devices that track your activity throughout the day, heart rate, and even the Nike Fuel band that alerts you when you’ve been idle too long are all a fantastic help in staying fit.

So go ahead and give the new eBay Collection features a go yourself, if nothing else it will give you more reason to browse around eBay searching for bargains like I did!

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End Of March Vodafone UK PAYG Deals – 30% Off Galaxy S4, S3 And Mini 3

vodafone logo

Some new deals on PAYG handsets on Vodafone have been released, so if you’re in the market for a new one take a look at the 30% discounts available from today until March 31st.

Vodafone Smart Mini III – was £75, now £52

Samsung Galaxy S3 – was £170 now £119

Samsung Galaxy S4 – was £475, now £330

Additionally, if you purchase your first Freedom Freebee with your new smartphone, you’ll get unlimited data for 30 days to help you find your feet.


Rechargeable Batteries Can Save A Small Fortune – And They’re Getting Better

Rechargeable batteries are more expensive than disposable ones and when you’re at the point of deciding which to buy, it’s often tempting to buy a multi-pack of cheaper batteries.

After all, you’re never quite sure how good the re-chargeable ones are and you may well have had a less than ideal experience with them.

Deal Alert: Carphone Warehouse Offers Double Data On Selected Plans

The Carphone Warehouse team has some great news – The Big Data Giveaway with up to 4GB of extra data on selected networks and tariffs is on!

Deals include:

iPhone 5s 16GB – 5GB data + 4G
£38 per month + £29 upfront cost

>> Buy online at Carphone Warehouse

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 5GB data + 4G
£38 per month + no upfront cost

>> Buy online at Carphone Warehouse

Nokia Lumia 1020 – 5GB data + 4G
£33 per month + no upfront cost

>> Buy online at Carphone Warehouse

HTC ONE – 3GB data + 4G
£30 per month + no upfront costA

>> Buy online at Carphone Warehouse

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 1GB data + 4G
£28 per month + £49 upfront cost

>> Buy online at Carphone Warehouse

These and many more deals can be found at the main Carphone Warehouse website.