Smartphones Are Now Entertainment Devices

smartphones are now entertainment devices

We have all seen someone preoccupied with their mobile devices one time too many. We see people smiling at their devices, outright laughing and even shedding a tear or two when looking at them. What exactly is it with these gadgets that have made them our closest friends, our most trusted confidants and our shoulders to lean on?

What is it that has made mobile devices so central in our everyday lives that people can rarely go a day without peeking at them? Among the gazillion reasons for our becoming mobile device junkies is fun. Mobile devices have become the cool new way to have fun without going out of your way to acquire it. They have personalised entertainment to fit each and everyone’s desires. 

The Increasing Popularity of Bluetooth Speakers

The Increasing Popularity of Bluetooth Speakers - Panasonic SC-NA10

Bluetooth speakers are becoming more and more popular, as people discover the benefit of going ‘wireless’ in their homes. Manufacturers have worked hard on the audio quality and improved them to the point that they are a viable option for even discerning audiophiles.

I had a look at the range from Panasonic – their Bluetooth speakers are of high quality and have sleek designs. The various models of the Bluetooth speakers are made in such a way that they are compact, therefore, can barely break into parts when accidentally dropped. Most of the designs are also catchy to the eye, and this makes the Panasonic Bluetooth Speakers many people’s favourite. Also, the sleek designs are coupled with control buttons on the speakers which are easily accessible. One can easily tune the Bluetooth speaker according to his or her liking.

How Rechargeable Batteries Have Changed Over Time

How Rechargeable Batteries Have Changed Over Time - 1

Batteries have been around for hundreds of years, but not always as we know them today; they have been developed and improved over recent years to give us the selection we know today.

Developed over the last few decades in particular, rechargeable batteries have come a long way from their initial invention. Until 1859, all batteries were primary and could only be used once.

Pick of the Crop: Apple Games and Apps

Pick of the Crop Apple Games and Apps Featured

There is a variety of reasons so many mobile users favour Apple to android, but perhaps the most popular reason is Apple’s exclusive operating system, iOS, which, in conjunction with some impressive Apple hardware, allows apple devices to host an unbelievable range of games and apps.

Take a look at some of the best Apple apps and games out there right now and discover precisely what you’ve been missing.

Virtual Doctors – How Technology Is Changing Medicine

virtual doctors healthcare fitness featured

Personal health-based tech looks set to undergo some pretty big developments over the next few years. We’re already slowly bringing digital technology into our personal medical world, and are likely to do so more and more in the future. The potential for using apps and devices to monitor and even improve our health is enormous, and there’s a lot in the pipeline.

Depending on how well we can integrate health-based personal technology with our lifestyles, our bodies, and (perhaps most importantly) our mindsets, here are just a few of the tech-based personal health advances we could see in the next few years:

Apple’s iOS 10, What’s New And What To Expect

ios10 new features at wwdc16

It’s no longer a rumour and there is no need to keep speculating any more as Apple has announced it will be releasing its annual mobileOS update, the new iOS10, this fall, with developer and public betas available in advance of the full release.

While we continue to wait for its release we might as well look at the new cool features that are going to be on offer.

Vodafone Marks 10th Device Anniversary With Smart Platinum 7

vodafone logo

Vodafone has marked a decade of devices with the Smart platinum 7, its new flagship 4G smartphone. Back in 2006, Vodafone began creating devices, its first being the Vodafone 710, to reduce the cost to its customers of owning the latest mobile technology, and therefore to enable more of them to access well built, slim and sleek handsets and its fast and reliable mobile networks.

The Smart platinum 7 is designed to meet customer requirements for a smartphone that contains the latest mobile technology, delivers top class performance and is tuned to the operator’s fast and reliable 4G+ networks. It’s that’s made from super slim aluminium, has a glass frame; 2k AMOLED display; 16MP rear camera with zero second shutterlag; up to two days’ battery lifetime. 

Mobile devices and the opportunity to use them for betting online

mobile device betting online

In the entertainment industry, gambling is a venture that has grown incredibly over the past few years, to majority of gambling enthusiast this is quite unbelievable. Several years earlier gambling was regarded as a rogue venture conducted in smoky back rooms and landlines, always. Compare the current gambling scene and the gambling conducted several years earlier and I assure you that you will defiantly be awestruck.

In summary, betting in the 21st century is simply full of fun, easier and technically a paradise to we betting enthusiasts.

Smartphone Addiction, And How To Avoid It

Flexible Phone Clip Holder For Mobile Phones - Featured

Be honest, now. How many times a day do you check your phone? Once in a while? Every time it gives you a notification? Whenever you possibly can? There’s (somewhat tenuous) evidence to suggest that the average person checks their phone around 110 times per day – every six seconds during non-working hours.

Whatever the truth of this figure, we are certainly quite obsessed with and reliant upon our phones – and scientists are concerned. Not only is perpetual smartphone usage having an impact upon our ability to concentrate, to retain information, and even to sleep – some speculate that we could be forming addictions to our devices. Is this possible? If so, how can we avoid it?

How to Capture Video From Your Screen in Windows 10

How to Capture Video From Your Screen in Windows 10 featured

Do you want to be able to capture video from your screen in Windows 10? Regardless of whether you want to create your own video tutorials, record Skype calls, save online streaming videos, or record webinars – the good news is that it is possible to do all that and more with the right software.

The easiest way to get started with Windows 10 video capture is by using Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It is engineered so that you can use it to capture video from your screen with minimal hassle and in fact the only steps you need to take are:

Autoplay The Next Video Is Coming to YouTube On Android, Here’s How to Turn It Off

benefits of using youtube in business - main youtube logo

Google is rolling out a new version of YouTube for Android that adds a feature that many people are finding annoying, and potentially expensive.

The latest update adds a feature to autoplay the next related video when you’ve finished watching the current one. 

Brits are Worried about Contactless Card Security following ITV fraud report‏

contactless card technology

Last night ITV’s report on “Fraud: How safe is your money?” exposed just how easy it is to fall victim to digital pickpockets, who steal people’s bank details via the chip found on their contactless cards.

Contactless fraud or ‘skimming’ has risen 18-fold in the last year and is becoming so sophisticated that it can be done via a phone app. Examples on the show included Shaz Nawaz who had £10,000 stolen from his bank account in 2013 and despite appealing to his bank, the Banking Ombudsman and the Police, he never got his money back – nor the crime investigated.