The Popularity of Second-Hand Devices

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The second-hand device industry is booming right now as manufacturers continue to release new product lines, and products continue to increase quickly.

Retaining Value

When you make the upgrade to the latest technology, you’re often left with an electrical device that is only a year or two old.  Often kept in good condition and that their technology isn’t always that far outdated, they can carry good value instead of languishing at the back of your drawer.

Are Trackers The Best Way To Keep Your Children Safe?

Are Trackers The Best Way To Keep Your Children Safe - Featured

It goes without saying that every parent worries for their child’s safety. Whether it’s that nervous feeling you get when you’re waiting for your youngest child to come home from school, or you are worried about your teenager driving somewhere other than where they said they’d be, it’s normal to feel on edge about their whereabouts.

Furthermore, with new devices helping you to track where they are efficiently, it’s becoming easier now more than ever to ensure you are aware of your child’s safety at all times. However, are trackers the best way to keep your children safe? Read on to find out more.

The Importance Of An Ergonomic Setup For Your Computer Desk

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Using computers has become an essential part of our lives these days, whether it’s at work or at home. Office working often entails long hours in front of a screen, bringing with it the familiar problems of muscle aches and repetitive strain injury. Do not take short cuts when you are setting up your work environment and avoid losing working time to staff illness and poorly arranged equipment.

How To Protect Your Data While Working Remotely

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I would personally like to take some time to thank for allowing me to stop by and guest post on this great site. I have now become a regular visitor after reading about how to keep my phone spotless (I really needed this).

Most of us will have to travel one day, whether you work at home for your own business, or work for a large corporation sending you to Japan for the weekend. There are a lot of obstacles that come with working remotely as it can potentially be dangerous for yourself or business. Today I will talk about certain precautions you should take when working outbound.

Results Of Intel Security Phishing Quiz – 80% Fall For Fake Email

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Today, Intel Security released the findings of its phishing quiz which tested consumer knowledge of, and ability to detect, phishing emails.

The quiz presented ten emails compiled by Intel Security and asked respondents to identify which of the emails were phishing attempts designed to steal personal information and which were legitimate.