New WP7 version – Mango – features revealed!

Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk from the Windows Phone Dev Podcast have revealed some new features that will appear in the next major release of Windows Phone (version 7.5), codenamed Mango.

According to the podcast, the updated version of WP7 will include

  • Two new Bing features—Bing Audio and Bing Video
  • SMS Dictation
  • Local podcast support for downloading latest episodes
  • Turn-by-turn satellite navigation

Some pretty nice updates here, particularly the addition of free satellite navigation which will compete with that provided by Google on Android, and leave behind Apple who currently do not offer an included navigation option, or even their own mapping application – although this is speculated to change in iOS5.

wp7 mango update spoken sms wp7 mango update turn by turn navigation

Images from Windows Phone Dev podcast – they have more images and details within the actual podcast.

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