Orange have launched their new Swapables service, which gives Orange customers on the Panther tariff the ability to pick two multimedia benefits for free from a range of services.

Swapables features a number of services, of varying attractiveness, with the best being access to Deezer the free music service, Sky Sports streaming TV services (Sky Sports 1 through 4 and ESPN), Sky Mobile TV for terrestrial channels and Navigon mobile Sat Nav (on device rather than the traditional streaming Orange Navigation service). There are also some less attractive options like 2 free games per month from the Orange World, Russell Grant Astrology and the Go Commute travel planning service. You can fortunately change your two selections every month, so if you do accidentally give Russell a go, you’ll only have to suffer for the 4 weeks before opting back out.

As an Orange iPhone customer I was pretty interested in this, however Orange CS have informed me that its not available to iPhone customers – despite services like Deezer and Sky Sports already being available and working perfectly well on the iPhone. Perhaps we’re not paying enough – although my £45/month iPhone tariff is easily toward the top end of the Panther range of tariffs which start at £25/month, so I’m not sure why iPhone customers – people who would probably take the most advantage of the service are excluded. Ahhh, perhaps that’s the very reason…

Written By: Rob Gordon

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