Google Drive To Give 5GB Storage When launched

I reported last Wednesday that GigaOm was reporting that the rumoured online storage service from Google likely to be called Google Drive would be launching in April.

Citing “sources familiar with company’s plans” the service was rumoured to have 1GB of free storage – relatively low compared to the competitors and even more so for Google and their ‘unlimited’ GMail storage and 25GB music storage.

Today a new story from Talk Android claims to have a leaked product image, not only confirming Google Drive as the name, but suggesting that the free storage amount will in fact be 5GB – coincidentally what iCloud offers users.


The service has a suggested launch date of April 16th – 2 weeks away – so not long to wait for confirmation of this. With an open API we can expect developers to start releasing Google Drive integration into numerous Apps and software releases. Certainly Google won’t complain if they become one of the de facto sources for cloud storage.

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