There are more and more rumours are circulating about the possibility of Apple producing a 7inch iPad. Personally I would be very interested in a 7inch iPad as it gives a good compromise between screen size and portability but Steve Jobs very clearly stated Apple would never produce a 7 inch iPad as it was too small to be used by fingers.

This size isn’t sufficient to create great tablet apps in our opinion.

ipad mini mockup next to new ipad

But if Apple were to produce a 7inch iPad would this be the first indication of new policy decisions since the passing of Steve Jobs? Steve has a history of pronouncing something and then reversing his own decision later but is this likely in the case of a 7inch iPad?

It’s unlikely we’ll ever find out, but it is generally recognised that Steve would have left plans and guidance for future products. The “Apple of old” didn’t react to market pressures, but does Tim Cook have a fear about how well 7 inch tablets like the Kindle Fire are selling? The reports speculate that the price would be around $249 and $299 which is right in the $199 zone of the Kindle Fire.

If Apple were to unveil a 7inch iPad, its likely this would be the first sign of them reacting to the market rather than shaping it. Apple is now in new territory because they no longer have a single figurehead dictating all decisions to which everyone automatically agrees with. They are now like every other company and decisions must be made by committee and approved. Worse still, decisions are now subject to being second-guessed both internally and externally.

The next 12 to 18 months are vital to Apple and Tim Cook. Apple has established its yearly cycle of new product releases for the iPhone and the iPad, and this must continue but crucially they also need to innovate. Many people are asking what can Apple do to improve on the iPhone and the iPad both in terms of hardware, and in iOS6 which requires some long overdue changes to the once fresh mobile operating system introduced in 2007.

Written By: Rob Gordon

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