Palringo online community raises more than $230,000 for charity

It’s always nice when the tech or gaming community give back, and so I thought I’d mention a news piece I saw today concerning the Palringo online community raising more than $230,000 for charity.

Palringo was founded as a group messaging application and has quickly evolved into a community gaming platform, generating the majority of its revenue from in-app purchases of virtual goods and games.

Palringo reached out to this community by creating two free charity ‘Bots’ that could be added to groups and encouraged its members to donate by rewarding them with special reputation points – which form the life-blood of the Palringo community.

This prompted an extraordinary response from the community that donated almost $15,000 on the first day, and went on to raise $236,095 which is being donated to the charities Child’s Play and Islamic Relief.

Tim Rea, CEO of Palringo said:

One of the fascinating things within Palringo is the diverse global user base that we see interacting every day and the way the community so often works together and cares for one another. We were aware that during the Muslim period of Ramadan, charitable giving is a key theme and we decided to take this opportunity to encourage charitable giving across our entire user base.

Written By: John Scudd

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