Write for Us

Tech on the Go strives to become a leading site for news and commentary on all things related to Mobile Technology. If you are reading this site then this is the kind of stuff that interests you. If you feel you are an expert in a certain area and would like to share your opinions and thoughts with a wider audience you might be right to write some guest posts for us.

What are we looking for?

You are knowledgeable on the subject you are writing about, you enjoy reading and talking about it anyway, so why not write about it. You have good grammar and spelling, and will keep the high standards we aim for at Tech on the Go. You are proud to voice your own opinions and always write original content.

What we can offer

Your articles will be shown to our increasing audience, currently around 22’000 per month, but that is climbing. You will have your own author page with a mini-bio and a link to your own website if you have one. This is a great way to get some writing experience published online, and learn the ropes of tech writing and journalism. We’re not paying yet, but the kind of person we’re looking for won’t mind!

How do I start?

Simply write a sample piece and submit it via our Contact page. If its right for us, we’ll set you up an author account where you can submit stories directly to our system, and add images and links etc. Your articles will need to be approved by one of our editors but this typically happens same day. We may schedule your article for automatic posting in a day or two if we are particularly busy. Any piece you submit to us cannot be used on any other site unless by prior agreement. All submitted articles will be checked via CopyScape to ensure they are original works.

Guest Posts

Unfortunately, due to the mixed quality of  Guest Posts we are no longer accepting these. Guest Posts are articles by other bloggers promoting their site or or a third party external site.