CNET gets time with Windows Phone 7 Games

Following up the announcement of Xbox Live launch title games for Windows Phone CNet has had some hands-on time with a Windows Phone device and allowed to samples some of the games:

“Though just a small sample, the quick look showed that Windows Phone 7 is quite a capable platform for games. That’s important, because games in general–and the phone’s Xbox Live tie-in specifically–will have to be a key selling point if Microsoft is to make a dent in the ultra-competitive smartphone business.

There’s some neat stuff, like a version of Crackdown that lets you defend your tower against freaks, using any location from Bing Maps as the setting. Microsoft seems to have a range of styles from hard-core games, to phone staples like Bejeweled to kid-friendly games like Max and the Magic Marker.

Plus, Microsoft said the list of around 60 titles released this week is not all the Xbox Live fare that will be available at launch. And the pipeline is sufficient enough that the company will be able to release a couple new games each week post-launch, much as the company does on the console side.

Microsoft has also done some neat things with the Xbox Live avatars. Not only can users create, outfit, and manipulate their mini-me, but the avatars also show up on other applications, such as a flashlight, coin-flip program, and a level.”

Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Games
Image Courtesy of CNet

Source: CNet

Written By: Rob Gordon

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