Apple iOS5.0.1 Battery Indicator Tweaked A Bit Too Much??

There have been lots of reports of poor battery life on the iPhone4S and as the iOS5 update took hold it seems it wasn’t jus the 4S – even regular iPhone4 owners were reporting reduced battery life after updating.

Apple eventually admitted they were looking at battery use issues within iSO5, and shortly afterwards released iOS5.0.1 which was supposed to tackle the issue. Ii’s not certain what the update actually did other than “Fixes bugs affecting battery life”, sites blamed various things from a Time Zone issue to an overactive GPS in the new location settings but it soon became clear that the 5.0.1 update had definitely not fixed the issue for everyone.

Yesterday I upgraded to 5.0.1 and now battery life is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE. Yesterday 20 min of web surfing took it down 1%.  This morning, after the upgrade last night, 20 min of surfing took it down 10%.  That’s 10 times worse!


I have the same troubles… My battery life prior to iOS5.0.1 was ok but since the update my phone goes to 98% withing 10 mins and an hour later with about 10 text messages, i’m at 92%!!! Someone please help! I had the iPhone 4 and had no battery troubles so my set up is exactly the same. I need to get back to iOS5.0 if possible!

iphone 5.0.1 os upgrade battery life issues remainbeing common sentiments.

My iPhone4 however seems to be doing the opposite, leading me to wonder if the percentage indicator for the battery life has been tweaked a bit too much. Here is a screenshot of my phone, still showing 100% battery after 1 Hour and 2 Minutes usage, and 5 Hours 6 Minutes standby time!!

This is of course complete rubbish, but shows that whatever tweaking Apple has done to improve battery consumption, I’m sure they have also ‘adjusted’ the usage indicator too to give more favourable results.

This tweaking won’t affect total usage figures, the battery still has the same amount of capacity and will still deliver the same performance in a given usage scenario, but certainly on my device it looks like Apple has bought themselves a little extra time before the indicator trips over from 100%.

Anyone else seeing this?

Written By: Rob Gordon

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