Virgin Media To Double Customers Broadband Speeds – For Free!

virgin media logoVirgin Media has announced it will be doubling its customers broadband speeds, starting in February of this year, and completing by mid-2013. Virgin Media’s upgrade will mean customers currently signed up for 10Mbps will be boosted to 20Mbps, while users on 20Mbps and 30Mbps packages will both be upped to 60Mbps.

Those on 50Mbps will be increased to 100Mbps. Customers already on the top 100Mbps tariff will be raised to 120Mbps – the fastest speed Virgin Media is currently able to provide. Corresponding bandwidth limits will also be doubled, and all of this will be provided free of charge to customers, although some with older hardware may be sent an updated modem to facilitate the upgrade – this will also be free.

Increased Broadband speeds in the UK are always welcome, and with the steady increase of broadband heavy services like streaming video from services like YouTube, LoveFilm and the recently launched Netflix, the demand keeps growing.

Via: BBC News

Written By: Andrew Cocks

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