Keeping up with your favourite bands becomes easy with launch of Qusic

A new service launched to day to help you keep up to date with new music releases from your favourite artists on Spotify.

Qusic is designed to help you track all the artists from your Spotify, iTunes & mp3 libraries in one go and be notified by email when they release anything new on the Spotify UK service, with more online music services and Spotify in Europe and the US being supported in the future.

qusic spotify tracking service

Qusic co-founder Nigel Purves said

The dramatic shift from the record shop to the laptop in terms of how people discover music has led to a new generation of artists that are able to access their audience directly, without the need for the record company middle man.

This has naturally caused a massive proliferation of new bands making great, groundbreaking music. Qusic takes the stress out of keeping track of new tunes released by your ever-expanding list of favourite artists, whether you’ve been a fan of them for years or you just caught the tail-end of their set by accident at a festival.

Written By: Rob Gordon

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