Mophie Introduces Space Pack – Power And Storage Case For iPhone

Mophie are well known for their add-on batteries for various products, but now at CES2014 they’ve unveiled a brand new product, that is the world’s first battery smartphone case with built-in storage for iPhone 5s/5.

The Space Pack contains both a charging solution via an auxiliary battery, but also an additional 16Gb or 32Gb of storage that can be accessed by your iPhone on the go!mophie space pack battery and storage iphone caseThe case has on on/off switch on the rear, with charge indicator LEDs, which I prefer, I don’t like cases that just charge the phone constantly. Its looks quite hefty and you’ll definitely notice you’re carrying it, but if you’re travelling this is the perfect way to ensure you can watch a load of tv and movies on the go and still have battery left when you arrive.


The mophie Space Pack contains inside its protective case an extended 1700mAh battery for your iPhone which will double the battery life of the device.


16Gb or 32Gb of additional storage are available, accessed via the free Space App on iOS. No cables or WiFi are needed, the App just accesses the storage directly and can show documents, images and audio/video that would normally be compatible with the iPhone. It comes in black and white so you can choose the best match for you.

mophie CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Huang said:

We wanted to create a product that enables iPhone users to truly enhance their experience by solving some of the core limitations of smartphones. With an iPhone case that provides the charging solution and low-profile protective design expected from mophie, we’ve taken the next step and developed an entirely new category, pushing the increasing trend toward mobile computing even further.

Other compelling features of space pack include:

  • Users can back up all photos and videos in the iPhone Camera Roll to the space pack, freeing up space on the iPhone 5/5s for apps and other files;
  • Music and movies can be stored and played on the space pack via the Space app, eliminating the need to stream;
  • Easy-to-use document management allows users quick access to the thousands of files, decks, and spreadsheets that can be stored on space pack;
  • AirPlay® integration allows users to easily send their documents, photos and movies to a TV, monitor, or speaker with a compatible Airplay Device;
  • AirDrop® integration allows users to easily send files to other iOS devices;
  • Space automatically organises all of the files on your space pack into Collections – Collections sort by file type regardless of folder structure giving the user the most intuitive way to interact with each file type;
  • Any file type can be stored and managed on the space pack;
  • Complete file management from a computer;
  • The space pack allows the user to charge and sync their iPhone from their computer.

The mophie space pack is available for pre-order and will be available in UK & Europe in Spring 2014. UK pricing is listed at £139 (16GB) and £169 (32GB).

Check out more information in the video overview below:

Written By: Rob Gordon

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